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Malcolm Betts’ ICEER marine refrigeration requires little introduction. Mal has been manufacturing “Rolls-Royce” custom marine fridges and freezers for 27 years. He has gathered a fiercely loyal clientele who appreciate the efficiency and reliability of the ICEER product. Many, once they have had a fridge/freezer in one boat, insist on ICEER in subsequent vessels. Very many 20+ year old fridges and freezers are still working perfectly, cruising all around the globe.

Custom designs are made to fit the space available in new build and retro-fit situations. Malcolm has supplied ICEER fridges and freezers to major production manufacturers such as Scimitar and Norman Wright and has supplied all marine refrigeration to Seawind catamarans since 1997.  Numerous private boat builders rely on ICEER quality for discerning clients.


Whatever your marine refrigeration requirements, ICEER can deliver, from large units to small bar fridges utilising otherwise unused, odd-shaped spaces. Had you thought of having an extra bar fridge incorporated in the cockpit for a convenient, cool refreshment on your next tropical cruise? 


Intelligent, imaginative solutions come as standard and there are no gimmicks about the quality. The basic design has not changed in nearly 30 years because it was right to start with and has been proven consistently so in practice. Simple, effective, efficient, hygienic and reliable so that the customer can, as he should, take his marine refrigeration completely for granted. Tried and tested in the tropical waters off Queensland, that cold beer & chilled prawns will be there at the end of the day.


Mal considers himself fortunate to have combined his life-long love of the sea and yachting with his electrical trade qualifications. The purchase of the rights to manufacture a unique electronic refrigeration system from his friend Terry Robinson in 1990 was pivotal and to this Mal added his own expert knowledge of what the marine industry requires from refrigeration to perfect his product. 


The introduction of outboard and inboard electric drives this year is an exciting new development. They have so many advantages over traditional petrol/diesel engines. Feedback from customers who have been delighted with their purchases can be viewed in “Portfolio”. Overproof, (Mal’s own yacht and test bed), is now fully electric; the quiet performance of the inboard and outboard is making cruising even more pleasant and relaxing.


Through living on board for two and a half years, cruising, ocean racing, teaching sailing and serving on yacht club committees for many years, Mal has vast experience of the demands and expectations placed on his products and calmly meets them all with his impeccable designs.

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