Essentially you can have your ICEER fridge and freezer exactly as you wish within the space available. The models detailed below have been made in the past and will give you ideas and inspiration for your own boat. All can be customised to suit your needs in the following ways:-


*Shape of cabinet can be altered to suit the angle of your vessel’s hull.

*Longer, narrower or more squat shapes are possible.
*Doors can be flush for behind timber work and right or left-hand hung in most cases.
*Freezers can be to the right or left of fridges in combined units. 

*Door handle position is either top or bottom.
*Gloss finish to top lid or your own bench top can be used.
*Full gloss exterior finish available for stand alone versions.

*Weatherproofing for outside locations.
*Motor location variable to suit hull shape or ease of access.
*All units are fan forced and the solar wattage required is indicated. 

Send us your outside dimensions and Mal will help with options. If you are in South East Queensland arrange for an onsite quote.   Call  0419 674 135.   Don't forget to look through Sample Installations for ideas or download brochure.

ICEER cabinet designs

Easy to clean

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