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Q: My unit is not working. Do I need to get it re-gassed?      

A:  NO   

Gas leaks are rare. All ICEER systems are fully sealed. The problem is most likely to be electrical.

PLEASE: Download the fault guide below and identify the problem then make a note of your serial number and contact us.

Q: Can I fix the fridge myself?  

A: YES  

All the electronics on an ICEER unit are unplug-able. There is no need to cut wires or pipes once the faulty part has been identified. A new part can be purchased and sent to you.  ICEER fridges were designed this way as we know you are not always cruising in places where there is good support.

PLEASE: Contact us - we can guide you through simple steps to locate and rectify the problem.

Q: How often should I defrost?  

A: ONLY when you think the performance is reduced i.e. the freezer or fridge is not cold enough.

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