The first thing you notice about the Spirit 1 is the lack of hassle of a pull start. You simply push the button, twist the handle and you are moving. Instantly, you notice the lack of noise; it is so quiet you can hear the water trickling by the hull. Quickly it becomes apparent just how easy it is to use. Operation is so simple, all the family can use it with ease. No physical strength is required or need to explain choke position, fuel caps, etc. The display on the tiller gives you remaining battery and time to go. This gives you a real feel for the range and just how many hours you can motor!


At the end of the day you will enjoy minimal maintenance. Simply hose off. There are no water pump impellers here to flush. Your clean, detachable lithium battery can be conveniently charged at home providing a full tank for your next trip without a trip to the servo or can be recharged via a small inverter onboard if not returning to shore.


The Spirit 1 is ideal for tenders & dinghies. For full technical information see  SPECIFICATIONS

$2695.00 AUD  Short Shaft

$2795.00 AUD  Long Shaft

Navy 3 & Navy 6

The Navy 3 & Navy 6 provide straightforward, efficient, clean motors for yachts, trailer-sailors and fishermen. Both have the options of tiller controls or intelligent Bluetooth remote control throttles which have you underway in an instant providing ultra-responsive power.


Navy 6 is a  low-noise equivalent of a 10hp motor and Navy 3 equates to a 6hp motor. Both have many other advantages. Simple Bluetooth controls make

fitting and operation a breeze. The controllers display several functions to facilitate planning your cruise. Combined with a 48V battery bank they provide an efficient drive system giving a range and performance which is truly impressive. The battery can be charged via mains or solar power ensuring that you always have a "full tank" on departure. The fuel will not "go off" if you don't go out frequently saving you the time, hassle and expense of replacing unused fuel. At the end of the day there is no need to flush fresh water through the system; a light hose down will suffice. Ideal for yachtsmen, trailer-sailors and fishermen looking for simplicity without compromising performance.

Navy 3 Short & Long  Shaft  $4395.00 AUD

Navy 6 Short & Long  Shaft  $4995.00 AUD  


The Vaquita motor is ideal to increase your enjoyment of your kayak, canoe or stand-up paddle board. It will enable you to go further and cope with tiring currents and tides which might otherwise restrict your use.


It is easily controlled by a wireless remote controller worn on your wrist. Operation is silky smooth and incorporates an emergency stop feature just in case there is a parting of ways - it will not motor on without you!


The very small lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg yet provides a truly impressive 9 hours of motoring at 5km/h or an hour of propulsion at full speed of 8.5km/h.  Separate from the 300 W,1.5kg motor, it is very easy carry.  The battery can be charged via mains.


Fitting is straightforward with adapters available to fit many hulls shapes with and without fin boxes. 


Make the most of your precious time off, staying longer on  the water with Vaquita.. 

Vaquita  995.00 AUD  

Recent design innovation in electric motors combined with advances in electronic speed control and battery technology have made electric drives for boat prolusion a reliable, practical and convenient reality. In weekly use on our own vessels, Betts Boat Electrics is confident of the performance and reliability of E-Propulsion outboards. 

Why Choose Us?


With over 25 years experience of providing fully qualified marine electrical services, Betts Boat Electrics is uniquely placed to offer a complete package of advice and technical support for your new electric drive. With Betts Boat Electrics you are assured of competent, qualified design assistance in relation to your drive with all associated wiring and batteries being done to AMSA standards.   

Check out our range,  call 0419 674135 for more information and where to experience electric drive demonstration on the water.