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Hi to all.

I have been the happy owner of an ICEER 150 fridge freezer for15 years. It hurt to pay the price, bit in hindsight it is worth every cent not only for

for the product that has worked as advertised all these years.

Will make ice & keep ice cream.

The power use is minimal & runs day in day out on solar panels.

The service is ***** 5 star even after 15 years Mal always has the time to Listen to a problem & without fail has always come up with a solution, On the rare occasion that it is needed. 2 x in 15yrs He has unrivalled product knowledge beyond all expectations .I have no connection with him or his company financial or otherwise, the only connection is that I bought one of his products.

I have never experienced service that equals that of ICEER.If you are considering one of his products I unreservedly recommend That you bite the bullet & pay the price, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

I am nearly 60 & this is the first time I have found a company that is worthy of a reference from me. IT HAS BEEN JUSTLY EARNED, Should you think full of it.

Mal has my permission to give my phone or email to anyone who Thinks the above.

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