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  • 1000, 1160, 1250


MODELS 1000, 1160, 1250

Seawind Catamarans have been using ICEER refrigeration designs for 20 years during which time over 300 units have been supplied. Mal counts many happy Seawind customers as personal friends following his participation in Seawind regattas when he freely shares his expertise.


Seawind 1000 has a custom made 105 under bench fridge 75L + 30L freezer shaped to match the hull and galley cupboards. Fully integrated, they disappear completely allowing the sleek galley design to be appreciated fully.


Seawind 1160 has a 60L top opening under bench freezer shaped to the hull to maximise the volume.


Seawind 1250 has a 63L under bench freezer which hinges out from floor level, cleverly maximising the volume available and keeping the bench space completely clear.

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